Seychelles has claim on Glorieuses and Tromelin, says historian Durup

SEYCHELLES has a claim on Glorieuses and Tromelin: islands north of Madagascar and presently administered by the French.

Glorieuse and Tromelin islands

According to historian Julien Durup, who has just launched his book “History of La Digue,” the Seychelles claim to Glorieuses came in after the Letter Patent of July 12, 1897, which was among the last steps of separation of the Seychelles from Mauritius.

Among the list of nine islands in the claim, there were Ile du Sable (Tromelin) and Glorieuses. The claim was justified as all nine islands were run and managed by Seychellois labour force.
Glorieuses is comprised of Grand Glorieuses, Ile aux Crabes and Ile du Lys or Petite Glorieuse. It is located in the north of the Mozambique Channel and the northern cost of Madagascar. Seychelles claim to Tromelin and Glorieuse are stronger than that of Mauritius which is flimsy, says Julien Durup.

The little archipelago is now part of the fifth district of France'Terres Australes et Antartiques, managed by an administrator based in Reunion.

We shall recall that the issue of Tromelin, Mauritius' claim and French patrolling of Seychelles waters was used as a flimsy pretext by the SNP in 2007 to break its alliance with the DP. Subsequently the DP was deprived of its seat in the National Assembly, occupied by lawyer Frank Elizabeth and replaced by Jose Henri, fresh from the SBC.

Recently, after piracy became prejudicial to tourism and fishes, the SNP joined the SPPF in co-sponsoring a resolution, calling for every effort, including patrolling of the western Indian Ocean by foreign navy ships, to combat piracy. The SNP spat in the air and it had fallen back on its nose.

As for Mauritius, Prime Minister Navin Ramgoolam has a deal with the French to jointly managed the island.

MNA Ferrari and Derjacques cast dissenting votes on bills purporting to change the tax system last week. While the SNP team abstained, they lifted their hands against the bills. Is there a case for Ramkalawan to summarily expel them from the Assembly?

Source: Lenouveauseychellesweekly 12-30-09