Sewage spill at Le Rocher lagoon


Traces on the water suggest where the spill floated to
Traces on the water suggest where the spill floated to

Raw sewage spills are always a of grave concern and that is how this newspaper treated a report from a concerned citizen yesterday who reported that raw sewage was spilling from a pumping station owned and operated by the national utilities provider,  the Public Utilities Corporation (PUC) into the lagoon at Le Rocher.

The citizen who wished to remain anonymous also provided photographs of the alleged spill reporting that "the never-ending problem of PUC sewage pollution at the Le Rocher Lagoon." was affecting the lives of those who live in the area and posing a serious health risk to children.

"This was reported to the relevant authorities and was even printed in the Seychelles Nation on 21 and 22 February 2006, but the problem is still unresolved and seems to worsen” the complainant said, adding that the situation was particularly critical for the Seychellois school children who currently on school holidays are using the area as a playground.

“Some of them fishing and some are collecting “palourd” in the mud” the complainant stressed asking that the matter be brought to public attention “so that further concrete action can be taken by those concerned”.

Noting from the photographs that the source of the spill was at the bridge facing Eden Island near the newly constructed beach, Anse Tec Tec and that the sewage could affect the Le Rocher lagoon, concerned that the incident had the potential of negatively impacting upon the natural environment and as well as the health of residents in the area, we contacted the PUC for their views and the measures being taken to address the spill.

The PUC's Executive Chairman, Mr. Philippe Morin, who since he resumed the position at the head of the corporation has been actively addressing the question of service, returned our phone call to confirm there had indeed been a spill and that the matter was under control.

“This was detected very recently and I want to sweat re the public that we are taking all measures to rectify the problem and also to contain the spill”, Mr. Morin said.

According to Mr. Morin, the pumping station in question serves a wide community and is the final station before the Providence sewage treatment facility.

It is amazing what is caught  up in the sewage system! There are clearly items being thrown into the .system which should not be there. Don't ask me how these items get there but they do and in this incident it appears that the items caused obstruction, and the system switched off resulting in an overflow," he explained.

“However, we are now taking further appropriate measures to address this event so as to limit or remove the impact should it occur again," he added.

Mr. Morin during the interview said that PUC would he monitoring the area and cooperating with all the other authorities following this reported spill. It is not known at this time how much sewage overflowed from this pumping station into the sea and inner lagoon.

Meanwhile, residents and visitors to the area should exercise extra caution if they are in the area and should contact the PUC on 467 8000 should they have any concern.

The PUC is an statutory corporation responsible for providing the country's utilities of electricity, water and sewerage services. It was formed on I January 1986, with merger of the Seychelles Water Authority and the Seychelles Electricity Corporation Ltd.

Source: 5-10-12