It’s a Nouvo Seychelles!

Minister Patrick Pillay, after just returning from CUBA on an official visit to keep the stock of Cuban doctors in Seychelles, held an Honorary Consul’s Conference last week which culminated in an evening cocktail of exquisite champagne and fancy finger food on the State House lawn. When being interviewed by SBC, he jovially declared “we are in a Nouvo Seychelles”. ….read more


A sad day for SEYCHELLES!

At a time when President James Michel and the SPPF are literally running the country into the ground, Ramkalawan decided that this was the opportune time to break the electoral alliance and undermine the good work done by the opposition thus far. ….read more

Best Table Tennis tournament so far - ‘MAO' won the evening

Relevant to present political situation

The Seychelles College Table Tennis Evening reminded all present that the Chinese are still lords where table tennis is concerned.  Indeed a quick glance at the contestants gave one the impression of being in Hong Kong rather than the Seychelles. ….read more

Foreign judges have nothing to lose

Sir - Mr. Francis Macgregor may have for the last 30 years been a member of the Central Committee of the ruling party and as speaker of the National Assembly - he may have shown affiliation with the members of the Central Committee of S.P.P.F. ….read more

Will President Michel ever make Reilly's Report public?

“To be or not to be” that is the Question according to the great Shakespeare. President Michel, it is said according to his Principle Secretary Mr. Jean Paul Adam, who has great difficulty speaking Creole ( a la ‘K’), and the Seychelles Nation of 31st October, Wednesday this week, promised to make public in its entirety the report from Judge Michael Reilly on the events of the 3rd of October, 2006. ….read more

Seychelles Condemns US Blockade against Cuba

Havana, Oct 17 (Prensa Latina): Seychelles Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Patrick Georges Pillay expressed his nation will condemn at the UN General Assembly the US blockade against Cuba. ….read more

SNP leader, Wavel Ramkalawan, this week pulled the plug on the electoral alliance with the DP, causing confusion and putting the opposition in disarray. ….read more

Weekend Life 1979The Verlaques still waiting for fair compensation for seized land

More than 25 years after the SPPF Government compulsorily acquired most of their 25 acres of land at Anse Kerlan , Praslin , the Verlaques family is still waiting for “ fair and adequate compensation”.  ….read more

Former taxi driver finds life hard

Paul OreddyPAUL OREDDY is finding it hard to make ends meet – that, with doing a job which more or less has been forced upon him by circumstances, and not earning as much money as he wants. ….read more

Joel Morgan threatens legal action

Joel Morgan sues GillMy client requires you to pay the sum of Seychelles Rupees Five Hundred Thousand (SR500,000) for injury to his character. … more

Seychelles loses out - after Virgin Atlantic and Transaero fly to Mauritius

After the British airline, Virgin Atlantic, which started twice weekly services to Mauritius this week, Russia’s first private airline will also fly to the island, contributing towards the tourism boom. Over 900,000 visitors are expected in Mauritius this year. ….read more

The one-China state controversy – is it worth the split in the alliance?

Paul Chow, leader of DP. It appears that a matter that is only important to the politicians of China and Taiwan has become the spark that caused a friction between the Democratic Party and the Seychelles National Party. more

Dancing on broken bottles

This week will make constitutional history in the Seychelles, no matter what the final   outcome may be for all parties in the Opposition, the Court, The Speaker of the National Assembly and the Referee in the boxing ring and Family Tribunal. We may want to ask Judge Reilly not to leave too fast; he may have another job soon. ….read more

Captain Savy lifts up trophy given by Lion's Club.Another plane to come … while we look ahead for our Dreamliner

Capt. Savy cannot continue to rest; soon after, from a communiqué, he informed us that the airline will be leasing a third aircraft, a Boeing 767-200 from a UK-based leasing company for 30 months… ..…read more

Bruce Boniface, signed with Virgin Records.
Dezil, Seychelles internationally-famous pop group.


November 2, 2007